Find A Farm For Your Local Getaway

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

So you’re looking to have an adventure in your home town, but you’ve been to the museums, seen all the sights and would really like your time to make a difference — so what do you do? Help out at on a CSA Farm!

Although many CSAs require you to help out or commit a small portion of your time to till land and get things planted and picked, even if you don’t belong to one, there aren’t many farmers that will turn away extra help. See what CSAs are near you and maybe try something new. Not super into gardening? Try checking with a local meat or dairy supplier and see if there’s anyone who needs help milking, herding or watering!

It’s a great adventure for families as well as individuals and we’re willing to bet that you’ll go home with a small stash of food when you leave. Do you help out at your local CSA? Let us know about your experiences with helping out below!

(Image: Flickr member Carly & Art licensed for use by Creative Commons)