Find Free Artwork On Flickr

Although you can go through the pain and suffering of digging through thrift stores for old encyclopedia sets, there’s an easier way to find license free artwork for your home. Just click on over to Flickr and start searching for the perfect vintage print for your own space!

We ran across these license free images from Flickr member dd21207 — and lucky for you, there’s more where that came from! There’s 74 images in all, each has been uploaded at a size and resolution that’s perfect for printing. Just take the file to your local copy store and have it enlarged. Make it large, make it small or even print them all!

There are other Flickr members with the same styles of art available, so make sure to do a little searching if you don’t find one that suits your style!

(Image: Flickr member dd21207 licensed for use by Creative Commons)