Find Running Partners and Log Runs with Your Phone

Find Running Partners and Log Runs with Your Phone

Jesse Leikin
May 20, 2011

With the weekend finally here and the weather actually clearing up (at least for the weekend) on the east coast, it's time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air. Like most, you have probably been telling yourself that you'll start exercising soon. So why not get outside and go for a little run? You are probably using the same excuse that it's boring to run alone and all you need is to find a running partner. Well now there are no more excuses thanks to Runens...

Runens is a new iPhone app that aims to help find you a running partner. However, instead of simply finding another runner, the app uses the information you provide to find you a partner that matches both your distance and speed. By doing this, the chances of finding a running mate with similar goals is greatly increased. Obviously, the more people that use the app the better the chances of finding a great running companion are. So while there may not be many options in your area, expect this to improve over time.

Beyond paring you with other runners, Runens also tracks and logs all of your runs. While certainly not the first to do this, the clean intuitive interface makes this app a joy to use. Another app, RunKeeper, also does a great job of logging your runs. Though a more traditional user interface, RunKeeper has a great online area for users to easily view and track their running history after the fact. Also not to be overlooked is the fact that RunKeeper has an Android app as well. And with their recent foray into social, it seems that RunKeeper will be going head to head with Runens to not only log runs, but to help find running partners.

If you are looking to get out there and start running, both of these apps are worth checking out. Some may prefer one over the other, but from our tests, both seem to work pretty well and are worth at least giving them a shot, especially as both add better tracking and social features.

(Image: Flickr user Thomas Hawk)

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