Finding the Beauty in Your Home: Ask a Visitor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Recently, I was looking at pictures of someone’s lovely home. Tiny details caught my eye; I wanted to know more about them, I wanted to see them close-up. Suddenly he saw his home how I saw it. I guess we take a lot of things for granted in our living spaces, he replied, when I asked him about things.

Writing for this blog, I’m constantly exposed to beautiful interiors and covetable objects. I have a picture in my head of the loft I’d love to live in one day, I’ve got tons of home improvement projects going. I’d like change this or that; that makes me vaguely dissatisfied, I’m envious that many of my colleagues have recently moved and are getting the opportunity to reimagine their livng spaces. I’m bored of mine, I hate it, I wish it were different, I…Then someone comes over who’s never been in my home or hasn’t been in my home in a long time — my landlord’s daughter, the building inspector, the locksmith, my brother who lives in NY — and they say something about my home “I love the colour of your living room walls,” or “Your couches are so comfortable,” or “Until I saw yours, I never realized black was a good colour for a kitchen,” and suddenly I see my home differently. Oh yeah, I think. I remember how much effort went into finding the exact right yellow or how many couches I tested or how excited I was to have a blackboard wall in my kitchen. Suddenly, I like my home again. I’m back in the present. This week, at least, I’m happy with where I live.

Have you ever had this experience?

[image from Living, etc.]