Setting Up Home: Finding the Right Spot for the TV

Setting Up Home: Finding the Right Spot for the TV

Kim R. McCormick
Aug 5, 2011

When we think about designing good-looking living spaces, a TV really can be an elephant in the room. I for one spend more time in front of mine than I care to admit — and yet I don't want it to be the focus. At the same time, an awkward TV placement can throw a room off, visually and practically.

My fiancé and I are moving soon, and one thing he has been vocal about changing next time is our TV setup. Our current one is seen in Image 5, and part of the problem is that the left cabinet door has to remain open for the remote to work. At any rate, his request has me thinking about the different ways you can incorporate your TV — and store the Wiimotes, etc., that go with it — in a room.

The TV-over-the-cabinet is a popular choice, and you can make your telly look less out of place by hanging large (Images 1 and 5) or linear art (Image 6) behind it. My personal preference would keep any TV away from a mantle, but it looks nice and sleek in Image 4 because of the uniform black color. Similarly, in Image 8, the TV repeats the shape and color of the fireplace and the window casings. If your TV is surrounded by shelves, the decoration and storage will make the screen less of a focal point (Images 3, 4, and 9). Or, if you prefer a more minimal look and don't have lots of devices or doodads to store, you can try something like Maxime's Parsons table approach (Image 2) or a hidden home theater (Image 7).

Images: 1. and 3. Lonny 2. Jill Slater for Apartment Therapy 4. Jerry Jacobs via Despire to Inspire 5. Leah Moss for Apartment Therapy 6. Pappas Miron via Desire to Inspire 7. Gregory Han for Unplggd 8. Simon Upton for Elle Decor 9. Bethany Nauert for Apartment Therapy 10. Kim Lucian for Apartment Therapy

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