3 Effective Techniques For a Healthier Lifestyle

3 Effective Techniques For a Healthier Lifestyle

Jeff Heaton
Mar 22, 2012

Finding time for exercise can be tricky. A million and one other responsibilities (or excuses) can keep you from meeting the minimum for daily exercise. But there are a few tech-related techniques to remind and stay motivated...

1. Get a Band
A fitness wrist band, that is. It seems everybody makes 'em these days, from Nike+ to the Jawbone UP. While we're skeptical as to whether some of these devices deliver on all their promises (does a pedometer really give you that much useful data about your day?), they do one thing really well: they keep fitness in your mind.

Monitoring devices like these also notably create habits by the process of recording and offering trackable feedback. Health is a lifestyle choice, and, as the song goes "one thing leads to another." That sleek little wristlet may not make you Usain Bolt, but it may help you choose whole wheat over donuts in the morning.

2. Play a Game
Want to work out without thinking about it? A game might be the answer. By keeping your focus on what you're supposed to be doing and the competition, you'll have less to use worrying about the pain or sweat.

Of course Wii fitness and Xbox Kinect work, but there are plenty of other options out there for smart phone users like Monumental, a game that records the number of stairs you've stepped and correlates it to a monument you pick. Once you've climbed the same number as in that famous building, you're rewarded with views from the top.

3. Make it Automatic
If you're getting really devious on yourself (for those serious habit makers and breakers), turn yourself into Pavlov's dog and do your fitness at a *ding*. By creating a routine that you always follow, you'll ingrain that activity until it becomes a habit you'll find hard to break.

Technology, of course, can help. It can be an alarm you set, a song you play, or just setting your iPod at a specific location that you'll run into every day. I also like to set goals with new gear as a reward — run that 1/2 marathon and get new wireless headphones. Not only do I feel better and achieve something, but it goes right back into helping me train.

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(Image: Doug Bradbury at 8th Light Blog)

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