Your Spotless Grout is Sexy, and Other Squeaky Clean Findings From Match’s “Singles in America” Study

published Feb 5, 2018
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I’ve always considered the bathroom the final frontier for a new relationship (you’re practically married the first time you pee with the door open). But it turns out that romance really starts in the bathroom nowadays.

According to dating website Match’s 2018 Singles in America study, 91 percent of modern singles are turned on by a date’s clean bathroom. Get thyself a grout brush, fellas.

The study uncovers self-reported dating habits of over 5,000 American single people (not just Match members) across all ages (18-70+), sexual orientations and ethnicities.

The data reveals all sorts of interesting insights about first date rituals, politics, social media and shifting attitudes across the entire dating landscape. But since this is Apartment Therapy, we’re especially interested in the figures about what turns on a potential suitor when they walk into their date’s apartment for the first time.

(Image credit: Marisa Vitale)

Apartment Turn-Ons

After the 91 percent who get hot for a clean bathroom (relatable, tbh), the next biggest apartment turn-on is a reflection of your thread count — 90 percent of singles said they dig nice sheets. And gardening enthusiasts will be happy to know that 88 percent of singles said they’re hot for a well-maintained lawn.

Apartment Turn-Offs

Our best advice for anyone looking to settle down soon is to stay on top of your chores. Around 84 percent of people said they’re turned off by visible dirty laundry and 86 percent are turned off by dirty dishes in the sink. (Ladies especially reported they hate seeing dirty laundry and dishes — 91 percent and 92 percent revealed those to be apartment turnoffs, respectively.)

And if you think you can just blame a sink of dirty dishes on your roommate, you should know that 82 percent of women and 69 percent of men revealed they’d be turned off to see their date lived with a roommate.

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