Twitter Is Having a Hilarious Back to School Celebration Using the Hashtag #FirstDayofSchool

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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

It’s that time of the year when kids start school again, which can be quite emotional for parents—each grade seems to fly by. However, it can also be an absolute relief, especially for those who can barely keep their sanity with one child (or more) bouncing off the walls all day long.

Twitter users have taken to the platform to document the launch of the school year with the #FirstDayOfSchool hashtag, and we have some favorites to share. Because let’s be real, the day can be filled with downright hilarious moments.

If Frank were a teacher, what would he teach? I can’t imagine any of it without rule-breaking lessons, but let’s just go with math here (money laundering, etc.). 

Good to know. We all know what kind of pranks can happen on the school bus.

While we assume the Toronto Zoo staged this photo with nothing but the cutest intentions, you have to admit: it’s kind of hilarious. 

You know, in case you get confused amid the chaos of school pick-up. 

Whatever’s in your cup today, parents, I hope you enjoy being able to finish it. 

A lot of us can relate to finding out if your pants still fit after a long summer.

With all of the photos going around of students looking perfectly ready and excited for school to begin, it’s good to remember that not everyone feels this way.