Yahoo! Screen: A Netflix Replacement?

Yahoo! Screen: A Netflix Replacement?

Julienne Lin
Oct 5, 2011

Not to be left in the dust with the likes of Hulu and AOL, yesterday Yahoo! launched a revamped video site called Yahoo! Screen. After reading up about it all day, we went home to give the site a test run. With 8 original series and a whole population of disgruntled Netflix users looking for a new home, it's not bad timing for Yahoo! to jump into video streaming. Here's what we think after giving Yahoo! Screen a try...

Let's start with what's new about Yahoo! Screen compared to the other video-streaming sites we're used to. Along with launching the platform, Yahoo! also announced 8 original series they will be streaming that are focused on women. They also have a partnership with ABC now and will be a variety of news programs from the network that might set it apart from other sites.

There are also similarities between Yahoo! Screen and other TV/Movie streaming sites we use. Upon first look, Yahoo! Screen looks a bit similar to Hulu but has adopted a black "theater" color scheme to mimic a movie watching experience, which we liked.

On top of its partnership with ABC, Yahoo! Screen also streams content from Hulu, the Discovery Channel, CBS, NBC, TLC and FOX. You can choose between watching TV Shows, Movies, Comedy, Sports, News and their original series.

What We Liked
It was nice to be able to catch up on shows we've missed like "How I Met Your Mother" and "Glee." The site is a step up from Yahoo! Video (their original video content site) because of its new offerings from partnerships with other video-streaming sits and cable networks and also because it aggregates its wide range of video content into one place that is easy to navigate through. We felt like there was more variety in terms of suggested clips to watch as well. Not only the hottest TV Shows were shown on the site's homepage but other content from cooking clips to tech announcements like the iPhone4S.

What Could Be Better
Since Yahoo! Screen is partnered up with Hulu, there isn't a significant amount of content that you can't find on Hulu if you're more of a TV Show watcher versus someone who watches their news online. We also felt like clips and teasers were placed front and center versus full episodes.

The launch of Yahoo! Screen shows the trend of online brands taking advantage of how many viewers now consume content online versus through cable TV. What are your thoughts on Yahoo! Screen? Will you try it out or stick to sites like YouTube and Hulu?

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