Welcome to Apartment Therapy LA!

hollywood.jpgThere are two ways a transplant comes to LA. One way is to come and fall in love with the city’s crazy white sky… to revel in all of its in-your-face style and thrill over its unapologetic pizzazz . The other way is to come kicking and screaming, which is what I did.

5.Saarinen Eames case study.jpgBut then I rubbed my eyes and took another look around. I started to notice the beautiful, opulent Craftsman houses and the Case Study homes only seen in books. Everyday in Lost Angeles there was something new to be inspired by. Now I get to blog it.

So with a deep, West Coast Namaste breath, AT LA is going to check out, photograph and blog everything the LA design world has to offer, as well as everything the design world has to offer LA. One item, store, and service at a time.

ps. My pic and info should be up on the staff page later today, but you can reach me at alec@apartmenttherapy.com anytime. – Alec Holland