Fish for Feng Shui

updated May 10, 2019
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atla-091008-fish.jpgOwning a pet requires time and money, things that may be in short supply in your own life. If this is your situation, why not try a fish? Fish not only make good pets for those who may not have the regular life that a dog or a cat requires but they’re also good for your home’s feng shui. Watching them swim is a proven destresser and anxiety reducer. And, in addition to promoting balance in your soul they can promote it in your home and life as well…

The placement of your fish’s bowl will determine in which area of your life your fish will provide luck:

  • to the left of your front door (as you face it from inside), look for a surge of good energy in your life.
  • In the east side of your home, your fish will promote energy and ambition, health and family.
  • in the southeast, try a square or rectangular container for wealth and general abundance. A round bowl in the southeast will also work as long as it’s small.
  • In the north area of your space, the best choice is a round bowl. Here, the placement supports career luck

Multiples of three fish provide the most luck and symbolize “yang” energy. The best combination is two goldfish (representing good luck and energy) and one black fish (representing protection). But even one fish will activate the chi in your space.
One caveat: never place the fish in your bedroom or in your kitchen.

[Image: Jenn Jenn‘s flickr, with a Creative Commons License]