Fit More Fun In: How To Make More Time for DIY Projects This Year

Fit More Fun In: How To Make More Time for DIY Projects This Year

Adrienne Breaux
Jan 7, 2015

Another year over, another bunch of missed opportunities to delve into DIY around the house (or is that just me?). If you feel like you didn't get as creative last year as you would have liked, don't let another year go by where you don't do the kind of DIY you want. Here's your plan for fitting more DIY into your busy schedule.

Make a master dream DIY list

Creative or cosmetic, make a list of every DIY project you'd love to tackle this year. Take it from your inspiration pages and Pinterest boards. Copy them from what you didn't get to last year. Take a walk around the house with a notepad and write down things you see. Let the sky be the limit.

Start small and divide

Order that list from small, easiest-to-do to hardest, most time-consuming. Don't have anything small or easy on your dream DIY list? Then find some small DIY projects that are just for fun you can start with — it'll give you momentum and confidence to continue tackling down your list.

Now cut down and get reasonable

Do you have more than one big DIY project planned per month? Get realistic with whether or not that's realistic for your life, workload and schedule. Look back on your year last year — and cut down that list to the most important things you want to tackle. You'll lessen the pressure on yourself and prevent burning out before you even begin.

Make your plan of attack NOW

The trick to being a DIY master? Break everything down into its tiniest parts. Do that now, with every DIY project you want to tackle (or if that seems too daunting, perhaps with the first few DIY projects on your list). Will it be a bit of work? Yeah, it will, but it'll be worth it to do all the brainstorming and thinking now so that when life gets hectic later, you don't have to do the thinking then.

So make or print out a materials and tools list for each project and also where you need to get those tools and materials, when you need to do certain steps of the project and what needs to happen before you can begin (like if you need to move your furniture out a room if you want to paint a wall). Try to create road maps for each DIY project that take you through each step of doing them. This is an exercise in thinking these projects through before you begin so you can wrap your head around actually completing them!

Schedule DIY time like any other appointment in your schedule

Make a set time you can tackle DIY each week (or every other week — whatever works for you), just like you would any other standing appointment, and don't forget about setting time to shop for your supplies, too. Getting into a regular groove might help you stay on a DIY track this year.

Don't be bummed if you don't finish projects (but schedule time to finish)

Unless you've done all the projects on your list before (and even if you have), problems might arise, delays might happen, and you might get off schedule. Fear not — that's natural and easily fixed by simply being kind to yourself, going at your own pace and scheduling more time to finish your projects on the weeks you need it.

The most important thing is to not let life get in the way too long (for inevitably it will get in the way some times of the year) — and if you do find yourself veering too far away from your new fit-more-DIY-into-your-life-plan, take a breather, don't be too hard on yourself, and find your way back again by starting from the top of this list and starting small.

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