Five Germ Busting Home Gadgets

Five Germ Busting Home Gadgets

Gregory Han
Sep 19, 2008

A few years back, Japanese peripheral maker came out with these M-ABUR series USB mice, specially resin coated to inhibit cooties growth from all the nasty germs on your fingers and hands. You can get these now domestically for $40 online. But then it got us thinking about all the other gadgets out there that cater to the modernized world's fear of germs (we recommend you pick up Carl Zimmer's Parasite Rex before you vilify all microbes). Some seem useful, while others seem to be dubious at best. Below are four gadgets we actually see with some use at keeping germs and odour at bay...

"Pure shoe PURE-100": we have a friend whose feet and shoes smell like a combination of very ripe cheese and a pile of old books at a garage sale. We might need to get him one of these for Christmas.

Samsung's SilverCare Washing Machine: technology uses nanoparticles of silver released into each load, resulting in a removal of 99% of bacteria in clothing for 30 days. Sounds great, though there are concerns about the long term effects of nanoparticles in the environment, so for now, we rely on peroxide.

Raycop Antibacterial Vacuum: This handheld UV emitting hand vac is like your common hand vacuum, except the Raycop uses a UV-C sterilizing technology similar to its larger sibling below. This would work well for drapery, upholstery and areas where a full size vacuum could not reach.

Halo UV-ST Ultraviolet Vacuum: worked great...we can attest to the UV-C odour busting tech...our rug definitely smelled and looked better after each cleaning session. It's just too bad the vacuum seems to have a design flaw that plagued the vac's brush component and thus relegated it to the closet.

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