Five Fun Animated Entertainments to Stream on Netflix Tonight

Five Fun Animated Entertainments to Stream on Netflix Tonight

Elizabeth Giorgi
Oct 1, 2012

Animation is not just for kids anymore - animation continues to show up on the big screen, more and more feature adult themes and the artistry is as beautiful than ever. So whether you have kids or just feel like a big kid - here are five animated movies and shows to stream on Netflix tonight.

The Secret of Kells

Gorgeous artwork and voice over acting bring this fictional story of the Book of Kells to life. This 2009 movie was nominated for an Academy Award, but didn't receive the fanfare of the other movies in its category that year. Kids will love it for the story, but adults will love it for its design choices.


If you're tired of watching Johnny Depp dress in weird costumes, but still love him despite his recent choices, then Rango is pretty much the perfect movie for you. Who would have thought the Western could be reinvented so successfully? I love everything about this movie, especially the mariachi owls. Yes, mariachi owls.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

There's something extra special about finding yourself wiping away a stray tear when watching an animated movie. It's rare, but it's a sure sign the director and artists responsible for it truly infused humanity into their story. All Dogs Go To Heaven was the first animated movie that ever brought out that kind of emotion in me — and it's still charming and funny to this day.

Home Movies

This animated TV show is a staple for comedy fans. Made by the brains behind Bob's Burgers, this show is sarcastic and witty, taking on family issues with heart. Pay special attention to the voices. Careful viewers will find a couple of Mitch Hedberg cameos.


Many young people were introduced to Tintin for the first time last year, when Steven Spielberg brought the series back to life, but many of the original animated movies and series episodes are on Netflix Instant today. They're not as slick as the 2011 remake, but the silly banter between Thompson and Thomson still provide laughs, and kids will get a kick out of early Snowy too.

(Top image: still from Secret of Kells)

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