Five Holiday Scents to Welcome Your Guests

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Welcome friends and family into your home with holiday scents that are either a part of your menu or your decor. Either way, these options don’t cost very much and they will fill your home with the aromas of the season. Read on for more.

These are my favorite ways to make a home smell like the holidays without spending too much green and being green:

1 Warming a mixture of Apple Cider, Cloves, Cinnamon Sticks, Nutmeg and Maple Syrup on the stovetop over low is a great way to not only fill your home with the aromas of the season, but to also welcome your guests with a sweet pre-dinner beverage. Spice-it-up with a little rum or apple brandy and your guests may be even happier.

2 Whether they are snappy or soft, the smell of Baking Gingersnaps says welcome in a way that will make your visitors guess what’s for desert. Pop the cookies in the oven a few minutes before they arrive and you’ll have a fragrant home like no other by the time the doorbell rings.

3 Combine Cinnamon Sicks and Orange Rind with water on the stovetop. Let it heat on low, but not boil. Leaving the lid off, be sure to add water as it gets low. Doing this will welcome your guests with a light aroma that reminds them of all things holiday.

4 Bring your fire to life by adding fresh Rosemary once its flame is already established. There’s nothing that smells more like fall or reminds me of the holidays more than finding the scent of a wood-burning fire on a cool night. Adding rosemary will just add to the bliss.

5 A homemade, fresh-cut Evergreen bouquet is a great way to spruce-up your breakfast nook or living room with pungent-smelling foliage. Stop by your local tree stand and ask for a few branches that have been trimmed from their stock of trees. Before putting the branches in a vase, snip the ends to release the sap’s fragrance. Bundle the bunch with twine, wrapping it several times around to secure the branches. Place the bouquet in a tall glass vase to show-off its full beauty.

(Images: The Wilderness Childe, Science Daily, Greek-Islands, The Dish on Delish. Originally published 2010-11-24)