5 New Kickstarters: Design + Technology

5 New Kickstarters: Design + Technology

Elizabeth Giorgi
Apr 26, 2013

Rolling through Kickstarter projects can be dicey. With so many now using the platform to seek crowd funding, it can be difficult to find projects that aren't just "cool in theory," but truly have potential. 

I'm always looking for projects which possess the right mix of the latest in technology combined with a healthy dose of fine design...

Here are five current Kickstarter projects seeking funding that perfectly combine the latest in tech with clean and classic design:

1. Doodle 3DI recently wrote about how 3D printers may not make it to our home offices for a few more decades. One of the primary reasons? Most 3D printers require knowledge of CAD, a software most commonly used by architects to make highly detailed drawings. Well, Doodle3D aims to close that gap and make it possible for anyone to conceive of a project and print it on a 3D printer only moments later.  

2. CitygramApartment Therapy's own Chris Perez is behind this project, which aims to create a true iPad newstand app that brings the best of what a city's creative community has to offer. Their first magazine is focused on Austin, Texas and gives readers an interactive inside look at creators and curators favorite restaurants, shopping spots, and more, all optimized for a tablet-browsing experience. 

3. Space MonkeyI recently transferred all my data to the cloud, but the whole time I wondered if there was ever going to be an option that didn't feel so... distant. Space Monkey seems to fill that gap. First of all, it claims to be 60 times faster than any current cloud service, which I can get behind. Second, it's pretty cost effective with 1 TB of storage coming in at $10 per month. 

4. Fusion PlateThe Fusion Plate is an example of a product I've always thought should exist, but never did. Until now. This little device makes it easier for a photographer to go from shoulder strap to tripod, essentially combining two tools that used to require separate parts. 

5. Grain AudioGrain Audio is exactly what it sounds like: speakers and headphones with attractive wood grain moldings. There's in-ear headphones too, which feature just the slightest bit of wood, but are truly gorgeous. 

(Photo Credits: Kickstarter's listed above)
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