Five Lists I Always Keep in My Phone

Five Lists I Always Keep in My Phone

Taryn Williford
May 19, 2014
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I take my smartphone everywhere. It's replaced my camera, my planner, and even the notepad and pen I used to carry in my purse (and the one I leave in my car, and the one on the nightstand). I'm definitely a note-taker; a girl who can't trust her memory to remember the important things. But even for the not-so-important things, it's really handy to have a notes app where I can store lists and libraries of personal ideas and resources to revisit later when I need them.

These are my five working lists;references I use to remember the things I want to do, see and give. To get the most out of your tech and your notes app, just figure out what helpful references you need to tally up in your own life.

1. Books I Want to Read
Blame busy schedules or a lack of interest, but I don't read books as much as I used to. When the book bug does hit (usually before a beach trip), I want to be ready with a few titles I know I'd love, instead of scrambling for the best option at the airport newsstand. You could keep the same list for Netflix movies or TV shows for your next free weekend marathon.

2. Restaurants I want to Visit (Locally and when Traveling)
Guilty as charged: I'm a sucker for Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. I watch the show with my iPhone at my side so I can remember if I'm ever in Des Moines, Iowa, I have to grab the Crab Rangoon pizza at Fong's. I also have a section for my city, Atlanta, so "where should we eat?" nights are a thing of the past.

3. Gift Ideas for Friends and Family
Anytime I see an advertisement or hear about something I just know my friend would love, I jot it down. Every year when the holidays roll around, I have a list of great ideas ready to go.

4. Clothing Sizes for My Significant Other
My fiance loves fitted baseball caps, but I can never remember his hat size. After a few ill-fitted gifts, I learned to keep his hat size—as well as his pants size and shirt measurements—in my phone to reference when I see something I think he'd like. This is great for parents with growing children, too. An app like Evernote allows you to share notebooks, so dad can update Suzie's shoe size and keep the whole family up-to-date.

5. Possible Future Apartments
One of the great things about being a renter is that you can move around a lot, if that's your thing. Wish you lived closer to the neighborhood with all those great restaurants? You can be there next year if you want. When I'm driving around Atlanta for a bite with friends or late night drinks, I make a mental note of the name of that cool new loft complex I saw popping up in West Midtown, then jot it down in my Notes app at the next red light. Someone who's house hunting might make note of a great bungalow they saw for sale, or new parents might jot down the name of a daycare.

What lists or notes do you keep saved in your phone? Tell us in the comments!

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