Five O’Clock Yet? Vintage Glassware from Etsy

Maybe you’re like me and you daydream of sipping Old Fashioneds with Don Draper, but a more real realistic way of getting started on a 60s cocktail buzz is to pick up a set of vintage glasses.

Vintage glassware is a practical way to add some zip to your tabletop without taking up extra space. Many of the options above would fit right in with a holiday spread.

2. Blakely Oil Arizona cactus glasses from TheCottageCheese, 8 for $85

3. Vintage red plaid tumblers from Redpopshop, 2 for $8

4. Silver ombré bar set from ATasteForVintage, 7 (plus ice bucket and tongs) for $95

5. Monogrammed silver rim glasses from AttysVintage, 8 for $38

6. Starburst high ball glasses from Cammoo, 8 (plus carrier) for $72

7. Fern pattern glasses from Vintagenowandthen, 4 (plus carrier) for $18

8. Tennis glass from MelissaRaAan, $15 (clearly not a set, unless you’re getting punny)

9. and 10. Turquoise and gold glasses, 6 for $39.99, and Libbey Fall Foliage glasses, 4 for $24.99, from Retroburgh

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