Five Things More Satisfying Than Inbox Zero

Five Things More Satisfying Than Inbox Zero

Taryn Williford
Feb 2, 2011

Do you guys know about the Inbox Zero movement? It's the idea that you can get your life and control of your attention back by committing to emptying your e-mail inbox each and every time you go to check your mail. That's great and all, but it's not for me just yet (...she says, as 438 read messages sit in her G-Mail account). I'm working on tackling these five of my own "Zero" movements each day.

Maybe one day I'll tackle my inbox. But for right now, these five things seem like they'd be way more satisfying:

DVR Zero
Have you ever heard of "Entertainment Debt"? GeekSugar coined the term and it refers to having too much media to consume in too little time. Some people like to backlog their DVR for a rainy day. But not me. I like to clear that sucker out as soon as possible. So tonight, I have a date with The Biggest Loser and Top Chef. Isn't DVR Zero fun?

Google Reader Zero
This is the second part of my Entertainment Debt trifecta. Since I subscribe to hundreds of blogs, my Google Reader count can get up into the hundreds in just a few short hours. Nothing, I repeat, nothing feels better than clearing out the last few hundred on Sunday Morning and starting off a new week with Google Reader Zero.

iPhoto Zero
This one isn't so much about clearing stuff out, but rather organizing things. Since there's no bold, red number haunting your dreams, you might not feel pressure to clean up your iPhoto like I do. But one day, I hope I'll achieve iPhoto Zero: Having every single one of my photos labeled, dated and sorted into perfectly titled events.

iTunes Zero
Once I tackle my much more manageable iPhoto library, I'll move on to attaining the highest level of tech labelization: iTunes Zero. I know people who are diligent about importing new music with genres, album release dates and artwork, but I am not one of them. Instead, I'm tackling my iTunes library day-by-day, grabbing album art from Wikipedia and correcting all of the search-inhibiting misspellings of Matisyahu.

Netflix Zero
Remember that "Entertainment Debt" trifecta? Well this is the crown jewel. With more than 30 DVD-only movies in my queue waiting to be watched—and more added every day—it seems like I'll never get close to zero in my Netflix Queue. My plan? Check my calendar for a not-so-busy month, and plan on upgrading to Netflix's maximum 8-DVD subscription. Then Netflix Zero will be only a few weekends away.

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