Five Time-Saving Tips For Busy Parents

Five Time-Saving Tips For Busy Parents

Julia Cho
May 3, 2011

Apparently, there really is enough time in the day, but we're just not good at managing it. We're not trying to be supermom; we'd just like to spend more time with our daughter and less time saying, "Mommy has to clean up first..." So, we'll take every tip we can get- a few minutes here and a few minutes there adds up:

The larger principles that have helped us manage time in our home are about not letting things piles up and breaking large tasks into smaller steps.

This list over at TipNut is a great place to get started, and our first tip came straight from there. The rest have worked for us. Please share your own time-saving tips or principles.

• Sort your silverware as you fill the dishwasher. This way, when you put everything away, you just grab a few handfuls and you're done (Alternatively, the sorting part also makes a good job for a toddler).

• Sort your mail as soon as it comes in the door. We keep our recycling bin right under the entryway table and stand there to sort the mail each day. The payoff- no huge pile of paper that's too intimidating to go through later.

• Group like things on your to-do list together. For example, run all of your errands on one day, and make all of your phone calls at a certain time each day.

• Presort your laundry, and place it back in individual bins for each family member to put away.

• Add more structure and routine to your weeks and days. If you do your laundry the same day each week, menu plan another day, or grocery shop another day, you won't waste time each week figuring out how to organize your time!

(Image: Flickr member PV KS under Creative Commons license.)

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