Five Umbrella Strollers For Lightweight Travel

No matter how much you may love your stroller and all its features, when you’re traveling it’s all about being compact and lightweight. Here are five of the lightest and best built on the market to consider.

It’s true, you can find a very small, lightweight umbrella stroller at the drugstore for ten bucks, but if you plan to use one through multiple children or multiple years or perhaps you want it to be your primary stroller, we think it’s worth spending more to get something that will be light, but also sturdy, comfortable and durable.

Here are five worth checking out. We’ve listed the most relevant information for easier comparison since some features will be more important to you than others. If you have a child who loves to nap on the go, you might opt for one that reclines. If you have a larger child, you’ll want one with a greater weight capacity.

Maclaren Volo
• 8.8 lbs.
• weight capacity of 55 lbs.
• approximate cost, $130

UPPbaby G-LiTE
• 8.3 lbs.
• weight capacity of 40 lbs.
• stands when folded
• approximate cost, $99

Chico Capri
• 11 lbs.
• weight capacity of 37 lbs.
• reclining
• approximate cost, $65

Cybex Ruby
• 11 lbs.
• weight capacity of 55 lbs.
• reclining
• approximate cost, $139

Inglesina Swift
• 13 lbs.
• weight capacity of 45 lbs.
• reclining
• approximate cost, $119

Let us know if you have one of these and what you think of it. What other umbrella strollers should readers know about?