Five Wall Decals to Brighten Up Your Home Office

Amy over at Lifework recognizes a home workspace can easily become a humdrum section of the home, especially since home offices are often catch-all receptacles for our more mundane tasks. Adding colour to the walls is our favorite solution to cure the home office blues, but not everyone can paint their walls (or add wallpaper) like we did. That’s where wall decals like the five below might be a welcome sight for sore eyes, adding some personality to your walls or any surface without permanence being an issue.

  1. Worldwide Skyline, €75 Decorate your workspace in a flash with an inspiring wall graphic from Barcelona-based designers Ana Mir and Emili Padros. Domestic
  2. Chalkboard Weekly Calendar decal, $65 Stay up to date with a unique calendar that works like a traditional chalkboard but attaches to the wall as a modern, less-messy decal. Scribble on Everything
  3. SPACETIME wall decals, $48 Get four bold designs by four artists in one pack of removable, re-stickable decals. Poketo
  4. Power Up vinyl decal, $6.50 Small details can make a large impact. Circleline Studio
  5. Koi, $90 Add some zen with a smart alternative to paint and wallpaper (and, of course, to live fish) from Ilan Dei. Blik

Originally published at Lifework by Amy Feezor

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)