Six Ways to Dress Up A Bulletin Board

01_15_09_corkboard.jpgSince we spent time reorganizing at home, we took things to the streets and spent a couple of hours up at our office rearranging our workspace. And now, we’re on the quest for a bulletin board for important messages, photos, etc., for both our home and work offices. But the thing is, we’re really working on minimizing, so we’re hoping the board can shine on its own should we decide not to put anything on it. Yesterday’s post about this calendar on Ohdeedoh got us thinking…We don’t want to just settle for any plain old bulletin board!

So, here are five ways to dress up an old corkboard. Jump below for the list.

Scour your local thrift shop for a board in good condition. Then take it home and dress it up.

1. Cover an old or used one with a favorite fabric. Go the extra eco mile and use bamboo, soy, hemp, or recycled PET-based fabrics! We also love this idea for covering one with a burlap coffee sack. We’re on the hunt for one.

2. Paint an old board (frame and all). Get creative and make your own piece of art (think a landscape with a big sky, or a calming modern design that won’t mind if some items are plucked down on top of it).

3. Add a snazzier frame to the bulletin board (snag one at, you guessed it, your fave thrift shop). Check out this one for some inspiration.

4. Ditch the traditional board and make your own with wine corks! We love this idea and are saving wine corks (we’ve enlisted the help of our wine-loving family and friends to put a rush on this project).

5. Add another dimension by tacking up long scraps of fabric and ribbons, creating a French memo board.

6. Make a pushpin collage by using pages from all those magazines you’ve already read. Just staple down the corners, covering the board in glossy greatness. Once you’re tired of the arrangement, grab this month’s issue of your favorite mag and go at it again. Just don’t forget to recycle those pages.

We’re sure you have some ideas for us, too. So share!

Photo by nazreth via