Five Ways To Find More Sites Like The Ones You Love

Five Ways To Find More Sites Like The Ones You Love

Laura E. Hall
Feb 16, 2011

One of the best -- and worst -- parts of spending a lot of time online is finding lots of new and interesting feeds to follow. But after multiple sessions of purging our mailboxes, RSS and Twitter feeds, we've resolved to seek out quality over quantity. These five tools can help you find sites similar to ones you already love, so you can add to your reader without increasing bulk.

1. Sign up for StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon lets users rate sites with a thumbs up or down as they browse around the web, forming a massive database of recommended sites, and clicking "Stumble" on the site's plugin bar takes you to a random one of these sites.

See the Unplggd page on StumbleUpon.

2. Type url into Google

Google may not yet be sentient but it certainly has a handle on peoples' search behaviors. Just type theurlofyourfavoritesite to see what other people are looking at.

Check out the results.

3. Test out your Hunch

Hunch is a user-powered recommendation engine. Users rank stuff they like, Hunch spits out results based on collective user knowledge. Lots of community action and listmaking here, if that's your kind of thing.

Unfortunately there are no hunches about Unplggd so far. Try out the Blogs or Websites when Bored categories, instead.

4. Play around with SimilarSites

SimilarSites bills itself as an alternative to fruitless Googling. Users start with the familiar and refine their results as they learn more about what they like. Sites are categorized and rank, making it easier to explore with just a few clicks.

See the SimilarSites results for unplugged.

5. Install a plugin

SimilarWeb is the plugin version of SimilarSites, with the added benefit of working automatically as you browse around the web.

Grab the plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer here.

How do you find new, cool and interesting sites? Share your tips and tricks with us in the comments.

(Image: Flickr member MyTudut licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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