Say Goodbye to the Standard TV Watching Schedule: 5 New YouTube Series

Say Goodbye to the Standard TV Watching Schedule: 5 New YouTube Series

Elizabeth Giorgi
Jun 3, 2013

"Appointment viewing", watching shows by their scheduled broadcast times, is still the most popular method of watching television. But according to Nielsen, last year the average American watched nearly 30 hours of television on the internet, and about five and a half hours on their mobile phone. With so many of us already watching entertainment via the web, it's likely more of us are going to enjoy series specifically produced for our browsers like these five...

One of the best parts of new shows being developed just for the web? There's literally something for everyone in the family. Here's five shows that represent the wide range of options:

1. Written By A Kid from Geek & Sundry

Remember Kids Say the Darnedest Things? Written By a Kid is like the internet version of the show, except the kids' stories and wild ideas get brought to life. The results are fabulous.

2. H+ The Digital Series

Producer/director Bryan Singer, most famously known for X-Men, is behind this series which takes place in a future where humans are connected to the internet at all times thanks to embedded chips. Things get scary when bio-technology becomes infected with a virus, taking down a big chunk of humanity. This show exhibits seriously high-quality production and could compete with any traditional TV show.

3. Prodigies from THNKR

This show is exactly what it says: a series about child prodigies. These kids are inspiring, the show a thought-provoking joy to watch.

4. Krogzilla Gets a Job from Shut Up! Cartoons

So a monster loses his job as As a result, he tries out a wide variety of other careers. Obviously, a monster can only be good at so many things. For the most part, this cartoon is kid-friendly, so load it up onto your tablet, phone, or laptop for the kids to enjoy.

5. Neil's Puppet Dreams from The Nerdist Industries

Neil Patrick Harris is adorable. Puppets are fun. And both even more so when those puppets are interacting with the very charming NPH. I recommend previewing these episodes before sharing with kids. There's some adult puns in quite a few episodes. 

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