Fixer Upper

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Catching up…Christopher Hawthorne wrote a lovely piece back in December taking off improbably from the observation that, contrary to the early news reports, Saddam’s last hut/hole had a certain rustic charm: a novel on the shelf, a view of the Tigris, a stand of fruit trees. “Maybe we imagined how much it might be improved with a little work,” he writes, and goes on to examine Americans’ bi-polar lust for Walden and Xanadu: “All one has to do to understand that is to see…a copy of Real Simple magazine sitting on the coffee table in a McMansion….”

Times headline roundup:

  • Thank God! (err, whichever one you prefer): they’re “rebuilding…the souks” in Beirut. The cosmopolitan center of the Middle East is recovering from civil war.
  • Yawn. A preview of “Destination Paradise,” the 175th Philadelphia Flower Show which opens Sunday.
  • Great. Thanks. A gardening piece on why not to try growing California plants in White Plains, how to do a good job on indoor tomatos, and an explanation of the nematode (read: worm.)
  • And more on worms…composting in the city.