Joanna Gaines Has an Easy Way to Add Architectural Detail to Your Home

updated Jul 26, 2019
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Credit: Magnolia

Unless you’re building your dream home with an unlimited budget, chances are your space doesn’t have all of the architectural gems you wish for like crown molding, built-in cabinetry, or wainscoting. Luckily, it’s Joanna Gaines’ job to add charm and character to fixer uppers on her hit show.

In season 1 episode 8 of “Fixer Upper,” Jo reminds us that doorways (and even windows!) don’t have to be an afterthought that you throw too-short curtains on six months after you moved in or ignore completely. They can be a focal point with architectural interest by adding sliding barn doors. And while they are an inherently rustic style detail, with a sleek panel design, they can fit into transitional or modern spaces, as well. 

While this may look like an unachievable Pinterest home, installing barn doors is definitely a weekend DIY that you can accomplish, after which you will deserve a big glass of wine and an entire pizza. There are tons of tutorials online, like this one from Home Depot.

They’re not all rustic perfection, though: we’ve covered before how a sliding door over, say, a bathroom, can be less than ideal when it comes to sound. But even if the door itself isn’t your vibe, the hardware can be quite handy. You can use the kit to mount a library ladder, create a fireplace guard, or even create the look in miniature on a cabinet.