Fixing Things Costs Less Than Replacing Them

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s always nice to see a piece in a major newspaper tout views we’ve long held ourselves. Being renters, we’ve looked at way too many houses with what we’ve come to call “Home Depot Special” kitchens – bland, cheap particle board cabinets and ugly granite counters that undoubtedly replaced quirky-but-well built original kitchens. Writer Arrol Gellner says it perfectly in this piece: “too many so-called renovations simply involve replacing things that are old and substantial with ones that are cheap and flimsy but just happen to be new. That seems less like renovation and more like ‘ruinovation.'”

So what are your thoughts? Pro renovation? Or fix what you got, for aesthetic or green reasons?

Read Arrol Gellner’s article here.

Image: code poet