Flat Pack Pint-Sized Pets

For some homes pets just aren’t on the agenda. There’s either no time for their care, allergies or you’re just not that into them — but that doesn’t mean your kids aren’t! Check out these flat pack, stand up pets that are perfect for tiding them over and won’t shed all over your sofa!

Artist Marc Teto is known for his animal based artwork. In the past you’ve been able to find prints, buttons and canvases adorned with cute poochie faces, but he’s just released a line of pop out pups.

Each dog (and one cat) is made from 3 pieces that pop out and assemble in a flash. They’re simple to use and even store flat when finished playing with them. Aside from being something unique in your children’s toy box, they also have the ability to be recreated if something breaks. Just trace around the old part — just in case little Toby shoves him under the sofa cushions to be forgotten about and sat upon) on foam core and your pet will be as good as new.

You can pick up each pet (plus a few more we didn’t show above) over at Marc’s webstore for $10 each. It’s like a pet store without the usual side of guilt!

(via: Inhabitots Image: Marc Tetro)