Modular Fridges: A Great Way to Share a Fridge in A Dorm

Modular Fridges: A Great Way to Share a Fridge in A Dorm

Range Govindan
Aug 7, 2009

When you are living in a dorm or with roommates, how can you divide fridge-space accordingly. Usually, if you are living with roommates, each person gets a shelf in the fridge. In dorms, we've seen different solutions, but most of the time, it involves mini-fridges in the bedrooms themselves. That's why we thought that this Electrolux concept fridge would work perfectly in dorms.

We've shown you the photos before, but we didn't tell you much about this Electrolux concept. The Flatshare Fridge is a modular solution with the option of stacking additional storage units. If this fridge is released, it could become the perfect solution for dorms. Having lived in a few dorms ourselves, we have had different types of fridges in most of them. From small individual fridges in bedrooms to larger normal sized fridges in kitchens, depending on what your situation is, you'll find different solutions.

The Flatshare Fridge would be well used in dorms where a lot of people live, not when you live with roommates. Usually there is some form of trust between roommates, and it won't happen that often that stuff will disappear. It can still happen, but there are a lot less people to blame. Also, these types of fridges only have one compressor, which is located in the bottom unit. The other drawers or shelves are self-contained only by their design. It's kind of sectioning up your usual fridge into different modules. You don't need a compressor for each, but keeping them separated will save you money. This isn't the only modular fridge concept out there. Celsius is another one, however it appears geared to the high-end market. Still, the reasons for creating these fridges appear to be sound. Normal fridges waste a lot of energy, since cold air sinks and each time you open the fridge door, you let the cold air out. With modular fridges, you don't have that problem, especially with see-through glass doors like the Celsius fridge has. You only open certain sections. Plus, each different module can be set at a different temperature.

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