An Incredibly Clean Developer & Teacher’s Desk

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Web developers and teachers are not necessarily known for their incredibly clean and tidy workspaces. These professions seem to lend themselves to a disorganized desk, so whenever we do spot a well maintained developer’s or teacher’s desk it serves as a double dose of inspiration.

We were delighted to spot this desk on Flickr as it is not only a great example of a tidy workspace, but it also belongs to a web developer and teacher. Fredrik Ohlin is a web developer, and University Teacher (computer science) at Malmö University, who proves that it is possible to have a clean workspace while being both a web developer and a teacher.

The desk is clean and we love the nice touch of the headphone hook to the left of the iMac. Just looking at this workspace helps to motivate us to un-wrangle and de-clutter our own not so exemplary home office.

(Image: Flickr user Fredrik Ohlin under license from Creative Commons.)