Flickr Find: Creating a Space for Yourself

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Talk about a small space! This image we found on flickr reminded us how important it is to have a place we feel comfortable and centered. If it isn’t your whole house, then what part of your house is just for you, just for relaxing, just for being?

As Abby mentioned, it’s important that each room or space in our house has a purpose that serves how we live. Well, that means a place to be still and to relax. For us, it’s our bed and bedroom. We try to keep it clutter free and calm by washing our sheets often enough and clearing out the dustbunnies. We also have the luxury of living on our own, so we aren’t competing with a mate or children or even a roommate (yes we consider ourselves very lucky). So where do you relax, what’s your spot?

[image from MojoBaer’s Flickr]