Flickr Find: Hownowdesign's Simple Eclectic Nursery

Flickr Find: Hownowdesign's Simple Eclectic Nursery

Sarah Rae Smith
Jun 8, 2009

While trolling through the depths of kid-inspired photos on Flickr, we came across this lovely nursery from Hownowdesign. It's a fabulous photo of a fabulous space but it's a great example of 3 specific things that work well in small spaces and on small budgets. Read on after the jump...

1. Repetition Without Redundancy is Good: The letters behind the crib are a great example of this. Had the same type of letter (even different sizes) been used, the look wouldn't have had as much interest to it as it does. By using different styles of letters in different sizes, a great piece of wall art is created and made to look like a whole idea instead of... random letters placed on a wall! It's a great idea to keep in mind when starting collections, that not everything has to be identical to coordinate!

2. Stripes, Dots, Solids, The More The Merrier: It's easy to get sucked into the notion that if you have striped bedding, that only striped things can be used in the room. Likewise for polka dots or solid blocks of color. The pattern on the quilt and the rug share several of the same colors and bring in an added layer of texture to the space without looking busy or bland. Mixing things up keeps the space fresh and playful, don't be scared!

3. Create "Nooks": In a room that is leaving space to grow, such as a nursery or small child's room, it can be easy to feel the need to fill every corner with... something. Anything, just to make it feel a bit more full or complete. But by treating one or two main areas in your space as a focal point and bringing items together, it will take away some of that anxiousness towards open spaces. This nursery is a great example of the bed with the bookcase, the letters and the mobile, they all play together and fell well thought out and even if there was nothing else in the room, it would be perfect and ready for play time!

Mom also keeps a blog over at Aesthetic Outburst for those looking for more on this space.

Thanks hownowdesign!

(Image: Flickr user hownowdesign by the Creative Commons license)

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