Flickr Find: Rustic Retro Landing Strip

Flickr Find: Rustic Retro Landing Strip

Sarah Rae Smith
Aug 12, 2009

We've been keeping an eye on the Home Cure Flickr pool since the end of the Spring Cure and came across this lovely landing strip that displays a great mix of retro and rustic inspired items. Click through for another view and 3 reasons why we think this is a well thought out space...

When it comes to landing strips there's a certain level of honesty to be had. You need to create a way to keep the clutter down and reduce the amount of junk coming into your home. But in order to do that, this small, functional space must be well thought out.

This specific space has several great features that make it highly functional while still keeping things attractive, here's why:

• There's a Trash Can: Even if you thin your mail out at the door, it still has to travel with you to the nearest one, usually in the kitchen. But any number of things can stop you along the way. A pet needing attention or a phone call is all it takes to get lost in thought and set things down. We love that the trash can is near the door and is easily accessible.

• Magazine Storage: Even if you've thinned down your magazine subscriptions, they still need a home. Why not make it near the door so they come straight in and get put away. It also makes it easy to take the old ones out when the time has come!

• True "Landing" Space: When entering your home, there's a good chance you'll be toting groceries, backpacks, coats, gym bags and more. The desk inside the door gives this home owner a place to set things upon immediate entry to further take care of other essentials, like picking up the mail or hanging up your keys. It defeats the point of having a landing strip if you're still dragging your purse or keys into the kitchen before they reach their final destination.

Do you have a great space in your home you'd like to share with us?
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(Image: TV's Jessica for the Home Cure Flickr Pool)

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