Flickr Finds: Polaroid Wall

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Olivia Leigh is at it again. After sharing her handpainted bedroom wall, she’s now tagged the photo of her polaroid installation with “apartmenttherapychicago”. After watching Rushmore (easily in our top 10 of all time) and eating some oatmeal, she put together this wall of photos. We love the look.

From Olivia’s flickr notes:

“There was a similar type of thing in the latest issue of Blueprint magazine (probably my new favourite design mag). A photographer in Texas had a lovely mid-century style home, and she said she had a ton of polaroids laying around, so one day they put them up on the walls and covered them with plexi. I put these up today on a small wall (one of, no kidding, nine walls in the living room) between the living space and the kitchen, replacing two shadowboxes left by the previous tenant that I hated, and I love them. It looks even better from other vantage points in the room. I might see about getting some plexi, although I expect the size of this will grow.”

Thanks, Olivia, for tagging the photo with “apartmenttherapychicago”. For more from Olivia, check out livedin.