Flickr Finds: Cacti Centerpiece?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Nikkomoy’s recent cacti fixation, combined with her idea for potting them in various glass vessels (thrift store glass), AND her mother’s
birthday dinner celebration, got us thinking that these would be lovely, inexpensive table centerpieces. For a really large table, you could even have one small cacti accompanying each place setting, for each guest to enjoy and then take home at the end of the evening.

We really love Nikkomoy’s cluster of various glass shapes on the window sill here…and would love to see it work on a table, if there’s room to spare.

Want to share some of your table centerpiece ideas? Send in some pics, some DIY instructions, or tag your photos in flickr with apartmenttherapychicago.

P.S. We realized a little too late that LA posted these glass containers too. Their take on them and the discussion that followed was more about successful planting (drainage holes, etc.) and multiple uses for glass containers. Check out their thread too!