Flickr Finds: Letsread’s Sunny Day Photo

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

AT editor Sarah recently posted her ideas for “happifying” your home in winter. Those ideas included adding light, color, and texture. When we saw this Sunny Day photo tagged with apartmenttherapychicago in Flickr, we saw Sarah’s suggestions played out to full effect. The well-lit room is filled perfectly, and lovingly, with great greens and yellows. Letsread writes:

happy 2008. sometimes i look up and everything just looks nice, like when the sun shines through my living room window and the kitties are all curled up together.
and my apartment isn’t a mess.

If you’ve perked up your wintry space so that it feels warm and lively, we’d love to see! Just tag your photos with apartmenttherapychicago in Flickr and we’ll find you.

(Thanks, Letsread!)