Old TV's in Beautiful Spaces

Old TV's in Beautiful Spaces

Taryn Williford
Jun 9, 2010

Let's face it: It's easy to make a room look good when you've got the sleekest gadgets disposable income can buy. But for the rest of us who are struggling to make our circa-1999 CRT television fit our modern/industrial/mid-century/shabby-chic tastes, here's some great inspiration.

Not every TV is shiny, flat and HD. Some folks—especially the "I rarely watch TV" types—are making stellar spaces work with their square, boxy, built-in-VHS screens.

It seems like the key to making this work is making everything around the TV have visual interest. Bright colors, fun collections, cool art and a sophisticated TV stand can all help keep the TV from being an eyesore.

Check out these photos for some inspiration:

  1. Sophisticated touches look amazing with a flashy new TV, but they'll look just as great with the old guard. We love the gently patterned wallpaper and neutral colors in this photo. Flickr user Andreas Solberg under license from Creative Commons

  2. A record collection, deep and gorgeous purple walls and modern black bookcases catch your eye before the two (!) TVs. Flickr user Kathleen Farley licensed under Creative Commons

  3. The perfect wall color: Light enough to help the TV fade into the background, but bright enough to still be interesting. Cool artwork and speakers take some of the focus, too. Flickr user thms.nl under license from Creative Commons

  4. Choosing a signature color to carry through the space is a good idea in any room, but it sure helps balance this boxy TV. Flickr user striatic under license from Creative Commons

  5. Don't hide the TV at all. Turn it into your home's best snapshot with your favorite colors and tchotchkes you love.Flickr user ChernobylBob under license from Creative Commons

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