Flickr Finds: PFlyTheEarth’s Teeny Tiny Studio

011409_pflyliving.jpgLiving in a studio apartment? The biggest challenge is always space, either the general lack of it and/or a completely wonky floorplan. If you’re frustrated with your place, then check out this teeny tiny studio on PFlyTheEarth’s flickr. It’s got some creative space-saving solutions that are great even if you aren’t cramped in a studio–especially for those of us who happen to have a lot of stuff. Photos and floorplan are after the jump…

The walls are lined with bookcases, even around the corner. Shelves not only hold books, but also matching storage boxes to hold smaller items. Above the bookcases is a semi-opaque privacy screen to hide the bedroom loft.

The coffee table is doubles as a converted wine rack on wheels. Instead of doors, tabbed curtains provide privacy.

A file cabinet paired with a shorter bookcase not only provides extra storage, but also offers some table space. Magnets glued to the back of mirrors are positioned on the side of the file cabinet, and a small gooseneck desk lamp positioned on top of the file cabinet gives the corner some extra light.

On the left: Detail of the corner section of the bookcase. We like the soft lighting that the cylindrical lamps give the shelves.

On the right: Glass bathroom shelves are positioned not just below the mirror but also above the light. Metal cabinets reach up to the ceiling and hide behind the sink pedestal.

The bedroom loft–it even has a headboard and nightstand…

The floorplan

Check out more photos of this creative studio apartment at PFlyTheEarths’ Flickr.

[ Photos from PFlyTheEarth ]