Flickr Finds: PVC Pipe Fencing

While cruising Flickr, (What did we do with our spare time before?) we came across this fence made from PVC Pipes in Galveston, Texas. We have all seen PVC fencing before as vinyl fencing is everywhere these days, although usually it looks more like a traditional fence. We were impressed with the…

detail that they were able to accomplish with the material.
We know that PVC fencing isn’t exactly environmentally friendly, however we do know that it is rather weather (say that 3 times fast) resistant and requires little maintenance.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It raises many questions such as how well it stands up against the elements (because of the nature of using pipes) or what the neighbors think of their handy work. Not to mention curiosity about the actual construction process. Were the pipes sunk in the ground? How far? Did they have to fill them with anything? Rebar? Concrete?
We applaud their efforts to think outside of the box and would love to hear your thoughts on this twist to PVC fencing.

Photo located on Flickr here.