Flickr Finds: Steve Price's Incredible 9-Monitor Custom Desk

Flickr Finds: Steve Price's Incredible 9-Monitor Custom Desk

Range Govindan
Aug 6, 2009

For some home offices, usual desks don't work. It's in these instances that a DIY solution is best. The great thing about designing something yourself is that you can get it customized to your own needs. The best thing is not to make it too complicated. We've learned from Ikea furniture that a desk isn't that hard to make. You just need the right parts. Steve Price needed a custom desk for his incredible 9-monitor system.

Steve Price decided to construct his own personalized desk and computer cabinet to house his new setup. This setup includes an array of 9 monitors that are plugged into a rack of one server and three computers he has placed behind in a custom computer cabinet. He says that he also has a set of 8 other servers next to this cabinet, which are for a small hosting service he runs with friends. What we really like about his setup is that he made it all himself. He custom built the desk and cabinet to fit his needs.

Steve works for Uselessninjas and Capsule Partners, which is probably where he gained his expertise in building and constructing his home office. Naturally, his setup is elaborate, probably way too elaborate for most us. It's really nice to see that he was able to custom build everything himself. This means that if he can do this for 9 monitors, you can probably make one for you 1 to 4 monitor systems yourself instead of trying to find the perfect desk.

[via Flickr, all photos by Steve Price]

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