Flickr Finds: Tim Samoff's Emotion Studio

Flickr Finds: Tim Samoff's Emotion Studio

Range Govindan
Dec 10, 2008

What would your perfect home office look like? How about if you had an unlimited budget? One thing is for sure, most of us would opt for a multitude of screens in order to get the most screen real estate. Tim Samoff's office isn't a home office, but it's still an amazing sight. He mostly does video editing with his computers and he has a lot of monitors.

Tim Samoff is a multimedia developer from Kansas City. His amazing computer rig is used to edit movies. He works for an unnamed giant corporation. Needless to say that his rig caught our eye. There are a total of eight Apple Cinema 23" displays in his office. Two of them aren't visible on the photos. All six appear to float in midair thanks to $200 hydraulic arms. We count at least 3 Apple G5 Quad Cores in his room, with a few laptop stations as well. Now that's power!

The screens look larger and slightly distorted because of the wide angle lens that was used for to take the picture. This is his office at work. He says that it gets cramped with two other people in it, but usually he's in it alone. He mentions that the hydraulic arms were used because otherwise, the monitors would just sit too high up. We've had that problem as well. Monitors are best kept at eye-level.

This is an amazing office setup, which we wish we could have at home. Actually, Tim wishes the same thing. It's amazing how many monitors can fit in a room.[flickr via Cyanatrendland]

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