Floe & Serac: The Next Wave In Sound Design

Floe & Serac: The Next Wave In Sound Design

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 15, 2010

Take a look at the photo above: see those oddly placed glass things? What do they look like to you? A sculpture, or a room divider possibly? How about a speaker? Although these glass pieces look anything but, they actually are meant to deliver high quality sound while providing a lifetime of sound quality. They can even be recycled!

Once you can get past the staggering size of these sound pieces, we think the idea behind an all-glass speaker system is pretty cool. Usually when it comes to speakers, useless materials are used to make the structures which house the components inside, and they're not exactly sustainable. Most homes will have several sets of speakers throughout their lives, but these glass versions are meant to replace all of that.

They change color, which at first we thought was rather cheesy and gimmicky, but then we scaled back a bit and decided it would be nice to actually see the pieces instead of accidentally running into them. They obviously won't be invisible, but you get the idea. They're new to the market as of September 1 and you can ever get them in wireless, though no word on pricing yet.

Each piece is literally meant to last a lifetime or more as it doesn't really have parts that deteriorate. In the end each piece can be recycled, though the glass is more special than that which your mason jars are made from. You can read more on the technical specs over at Greensound Technology or have a glance at their latest press release.

(Image: Greensound Technology)

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