Flokati Rugs: Simple, Stylish and (Often) Cheap To Come By

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We love using Flokati rugs. The wool pile, classic Greek shags made popular in the 70’s came back into vogue for a while, but as opposed to other mod fads like bean-bag chairs and lava lamps, Flokati rugs have lasting power. We think it’s because they have proven to be a great way to create warmth and style without spending a lot of $$… plus they look great with so many styles.

The Flokati comes in different weights (measured in grams of wool per square meter), and clearly the higher the gram count the more plush (and expensive) the rug. Although compared to most rugs, the prices are still great. The rugs also come in multiple colors, although we vote for natural or black to keep things looking their best.

The rug owner tip: The Long wool hairs can get caught in a vacuum, so get a small hand rake like one used for gardening and simply rake the rug and give it a good shake-out.

We buy ours at Blue Print.