The $27 Find That Makes All of My Kitchen Tasks So Much Easier

published Jul 14, 2023
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Although I’m of average height, I still frequently need help reaching certain items in my home. This is annoying enough to admit, but what’s even more annoying is having to stretch on my tippy toes or ask for help when I can’t reach a frying pan or wine glass. My apartment already had a step ladder when I moved in, but its bulky three-tiered frame is incredibly cumbersome to maneuver through the tight hallway and kitchen. And who enjoys lugging around a heavy step ladder when there are much more lightweight and compact alternatives out there? Certainly not I. So, I got to searching on Amazon and immediately came across exactly what I needed.

Actually, the product I ended up buying — this 16-inch folding step stool by the brand Flottian — is not unique. You’ll find multiple versions of this exact model sold by different Amazon vendors whose names are essentially jumbles of random letters. But I liked this one in particular because it was available in a 16-inch height, and it appeared to have the best price compared to the others. Of course, as you’ll come to find, that’s not all I ended up liking about it.

What is the Flottian Folding Step Stool?

This folding step stool is designed to help you reach high surfaces — go figure. But unlike a lot of stools that are made from sturdy materials like steel, this one is made of plastic, which did give me pause. The product description boasts a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, but I was still skeptical even as I added it to my cart. I was willing to overlook this feature because I liked the idea of a lightweight step stool that I could easily take between my bedroom, where I keep a lot of cleaning products atop my tall wardrobe, and the kitchen, whose high cabinet shelves hold my plates and cookware. As a result, I took a small risk and bought the folding step stool, and I’m happy to report that it’s exactly as described in every way.

Credit: Amazon

Why I love the Flottian Folding Step Stool

My step stool weighs under 3.5 pounds, meaning it’s a breeze to bring along if I need to dust the top of the TV or place something on top of the fridge. But what makes it super portable is its collapsible design. I live in a small space, so I love being able to fold it nearly flat when I’m done using it and slide the stool into the tight space between the wall and my dresser. It’s like it’s not even there! As for sturdiness, I can say I feel completely secure every time I step onto the stool. It never wavers or wobbles, plus its rubber feet and textured, anti-skid surface make me feel extra safe. Finally, the stool’s 16-inch height is just perfect. It actually makes me tower over whatever shelf I’m trying to reach, giving me a clear view of whatever I need. After using the stool on a nearly daily basis for a couple of months now, I have zero regrets.

You’ll also be happy to learn that the folding step stool is available in two other heights (13 inches and 18 inches) and up to seven colors depending on which height you go with. Whether you keep it at home or in the car, use it for cleaning or as a makeshift seat, there are tons of ways in which the stool is bound to come in handy.

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