6 Foolproof Steps to Flawless Flower Arrangements All Summer Long

6 Foolproof Steps to Flawless Flower Arrangements All Summer Long

Dabney Frake
Jul 5, 2015

Flower arranging is one of those skills that's lost on many of us. Try as we might, our floral creations wind up all wonky and off-balance, with rotting leaves in the vase, and petals that wilt before their time. Learn these basic steps and techniques for getting the best bouquets of your life.

(Image credit: Runway Chef)

Step 1: Cut the Stems

Everyone seems to agree that immersing your flower stems in water, and cutting the base at a 45 degree angle, is the way to go for fast capillary action. Runway Chef (photo above) also recommends gently smashing the ends of woodier stems with a hammer for good measure.

(Image credit: Tess Wilson)

Step 2: Remove Leaves

You’ll definitely want to remove any leaves that will fall below the waterline in your chosen vase.

(Image credit: Refinery29)

Step 3: Add in Odd Numbers

This is where the creativity comes in. Taylor Patterson, owner of Fox Fodder Farm, told Refinery 29 that, as you start assembling your arrangement, it’s best to add in odd numbers. (We have to agree. The Rule of Threes is for real, y’all.)

(Image credit: Flowers Plus Love)

Step 4: Secure the Arrangement

Once you like what you've got, wrap the stems in either a rubber band or floral tape to keep your arrangement in place. Don’t wrap it too tight or things might shift and look wonky. Flowers Plus Love cleverly uses a clear elastic so it’s not visible once the flowers are in their vase.

(Image credit: Atilio)

Step 5: Hack Your Vase

If you can't finagle an acceptable arrangement, jump ship and fiddle with your vase instead. Atilio used simple wire mesh to create a flower frog of sorts to separate stems and create an unique bouquet.

(Image credit: Melissa DiRenzo)

Step 6: Keep Them Cool

Melissa did a whole bunch of tests to figure out the best way to keep your fresh flowers perky longer. The verdict? Keep them in the fridge overnight and they’ll stay fresh and vibrant longer.

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