The 2-Cent Secret to Perfect Flower Arrangements

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Federico Paul)

Few things brighten up a room like a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. So what to do when you have a beautiful bunch of flowers but can’t seem to arrange them nicely in the vase?

Fret not my flower-loving friends, there’s hope to be had. We put our thinking caps on and discovered an unbelievably easy and inexpensive way to score a perfect flower arrangement, no pesky spool of floral wire necessary.

(Image credit: HelenaB)

Zip ties! Turns out that those cheap plastic cable fasteners can work wonders for your floral arrangements. Just gather and trim your flowers in your hand, then secure the bunch with a not-too-tight zip tie before you put them in the vase (you can do the same thing with ribbon or twine). This way, your floral bouquet can stay nicely bunched together, but with enough wiggle room to adjust and arrange them however you want inside the vase.

Even better, you can also buy green or brown-colored zip ties so they can camouflage with the stems for an all-around seamless display. This means you can use a green zip tie to hold your flowers together and no one will be able to tell at a glance—even in a clear vase!

And if you thought the botanical decorative possibilities for zip ties ended there, then think again. Zip ties can also be helpful for securing wreaths and garlands in certain areas throughout your home, like stair rails, door hooks, and curtain rods. So you should probably keep some handy in your floral kit to be better prepared when decking your halls out in holiday decor.

Still not convinced? Zip ties are cheap. We’re talking two-cents-a-pop cheap. What’s more, they’re versatile. So even if you don’t wind up using some to arrange your flowers, we’re sure you’ll find other fun ways to use them at home.