Flower Box Award: 525 East 13th Street

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This little gem caught my eye as I rode my bike on this absolutely frigid morning. I almost didn’t stop; taking photos would mean removing my gloves, fishing around for my camera, and getting off the bike to stand in the cold snapping photos.

What drew me to do it was how warm this little lobby seemed. Look at the plants! It’s a greenhouse! Right on East 13th Street!

It is a new building, and almost looks like a nursing home or a hospital of some sort – but I peeked in and saw, aside from the jungle in the lobby, all the signs of a normal New York City apartment building…

– including the woman in black, clutching a steel commuter coffee mug, dashing out the door and frantically telling someone on her cell phone that she would be late to work.

Could it be? Does someone in this building just mad about plants? Is the landlord a generous soul who wants to give his or her tenants a nice blast of fresh air as they come and go?