Flower Box Award: 74 Second Avenue

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What is that? I have been asking myself this question since the fall when I pass Second Avenue on my bike each morning. It’s usually around the time when the sun is rising, so the rooftops along the avenues tend to be dark outlines with the rising sun behind.

Upon closer inspection I realized it was the remnants of a roof garden. Ah, a roof garden! Those words in the mouth are like candy. Say it: roof garden.

I think these folks were growing beans or tomatoes, or maybe some climbing flowers like Clematis. The outlines of the dead plants in the dawn light are haunting.

Usually I’m a tidy-up after the summer kind of gardener. I like things neat. I like the boxes cleared and pots brought inside. But I absolutly love the way this summer garden’s spirit has been literally frozen. It’s skeleton evokes warmer more colorful times. Just the thing someone like me needs to get through these dark months. skgr