Flower Box Award: LaGuardia Corner Garden

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It’s getting harder and harder to find flowerboxes around the city as summer ends and many boxes have shriveled, died, or grown wild. Back when summer was in full-swing, we honored the LaGuardia Corner Garden at LaGuardia Place and Bleecker Street for giving New Yorkers without a flowerbox of their own a series of lush raised beds filled with summer blossoms. And so I went back to this corner for some hope, to see some plants still hanging on.

And guess what I found – not just wide-open morning glories, hollyhocks and gladiolas, but … tomatoes! Yes, it’s true, while my own tomato plants in Long Island have either been attacked by bunnies and deer or shriveled up after heavy rains and chilly nights, the plants right there in the middle village are thriving. Gardening in the city is alive and well!

To support the La Guardia Corner Garden, you might want to attend their benefit – a flute concert in the garden on Saturday, October 23rd, donation $10. For more information on community gardening in New York City, visit www.greenthumb.org. skgr